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Team Habits with a Big Impact


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Instructional Coaching|学校领导|Teachers|Teams & Culture


I became an instructional coach because I wanted to share my expertise with my colleagues, so that more of our students were reaching higher, and achieving greater. I spent six years in the classroom, perfecting my craft as an early elementary educator. So, I thought my experience plus my graduate degree was all I needed to be an effective coach. Oh, how little I knew.

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Organizational Leadership & Change Management|Teams & Culture

Habits that Drive Great Teams

Early in my career, when I was a middle school science teacher in Charlotte, North Carolina, I didn’t think that the ritual of shaking my students’ hands, fist bumping, or hugging my students as they entered our classroom meant anything. But now, I realize it’s the opposite. The repetitive habit of checking in with your team means everything. It’s a signal that your team is paying attention to the whole being of others, focusing on the little things, caring about the unity of the team, and so much more.

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District Leadership|Teacher Retention|Teams & Culture

利用候选人资料提高教师Retention in 4 Steps

A recent survey of more than 1,000 districts found that nearly two-thirds of districts are reporting teacher shortages heading into the 2021-2022 school year. To plug or refill leaks in this draining teacher pool, districts are increasingly leveraging stimulus funding to enact short-term solutions such as incentives and signing bonuses. But the foundational cracks in the teacher pool and pipeline are deep, widespread and found at every phase of the teacher lifecycle. We need to reassess and reimagine the way we engage and support teachers at every stage of this journey, and we can start by looking at the candidate profiles that drive our recruitment, hiring and onboarding.

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亚博博彩|Equity|Teams & Culture

Why I Joined the Ed Elements Team

In my 22 years in the K-12 education profession, I have worked for, and led organizations that run the gamut - from those that are very process and compliance driven, to those that multiply and engage creativity. And yet, after experiencing, what some consider the ultimate freedom of being my own boss, I am excitedly joining the Education Elements team.

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Coaches|学校领导|Teams & Culture

Four Types of Learning Walks for Every School Leader

每个人在一所新学校的第一年都会带来越来越多的痛苦 - 无论是他们作为新校长的第一职位,还是他们的第25年开设了一所新的或新的重新设计的学校。一种方法在帮助减轻日益增长的痛苦方面特别有用 - 一种“秘密酱”。

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